Sunday, July 6, 2008

Escape to the Coast

I feel like I've gone into blog withdrawl. First, work and life just got busy, then we went to LA for four days, then the 4th of July made for a busy weekend after we got back into town. Some of you might have started to wonder about me, but don't you worry, I'm still here. I'm not going to write much tonight, but I had to share some pictures from our wonderful vacation in California. It was a relaxing and eventful four days, and I am already wishing I could be back there. I recommend a few days in SoCal for anyone who's looking to recharge and enjoy the sun. Doesn't hurt if you have fun relatives to hang out with while you're there, too! Thanks Anne and Ron for a fantastic vacation!

We spent some time enjoying the beautiful gardens at the Getty Center, which I would highly recommend. What an amazing setting!

Santa Monica meant sushi and calamari with a beachfront view. Happy hour prices kept us in good spirits.

Nothing like a heaping plate of fried seafood at Neptune's Net just north of Malibu. It's a casual spot with a very diverse crowd, and the view of the ocean is hard to beat.

I'm not a beef eater, but we had to make sure Joe got an In-N-Out fix on our way to the beach.

A beautiful view from Pacific Coast Highway.

Enjoying a margarita at Coral Beach Cantina in Malibu.

Being from the Midwest, we had to eat lots of seafood on our trip. Joe's burrito may look like a regular one, but it's filled with mahi-mahi. It was tasty!

See, he's happy with his seafood burrito. :)

I had fish tacos, which is one of my favorite Mexican dishes.

When visiting California, it's important to take walks on the golf course at night. It's always best if this walk includes a glass of chilled white wine, for maximum relaxation.


Beth said...

thanks for looking at my blog. Looks like you had a great time on your holiday!

suze said...

if you ever want a different kind of west-coast trip, give me a holla! ben and i like going to the desert in the cooler months out here. it's pretty amazing :).

Nicole said...

Looks like a great trip! Wish I could go! ;-) Okay... so I am here (a little south) but not doing all that fun eating out and relaxing. Glad you got to see the Getty. I love it there. Isn't it amazing?

A World in a PAN said...

I'm in Santa Monica and will surely go to the places you recommend!