Thursday, September 18, 2008

A weekday at home

What a great day it's been! I realized earlier this week that I had a floating holiday that I needed to use before the end of the month, so I decided to take today off from work. When I told Joe about my plan, he started feeling "sick" and ended up staying home today, too ;) We spent a decent part of the day being completely lazy, but also got very inspired in the kitchen. Joe and I each had little projects we did on our own, and we also worked together to make a fantastic dinner. As I'm writing, Joe's grilling pineapple for dessert, so the feast is not over yet!

First, I took advantage of my time at home to make the Slow Roasted Tomatoes I saw on the Perfect Pantry. Holy cow! What a gorgeous combination of ingredients. The smell was amazing as they slow roasted their way to a caramelized, juicy, sweet treat. I couldn't tell quite how long to cook them, but I think I took them out at the perfect time. Tasting them a few hours later was a treat, and I have a feeling these won't last long in my house!

While I did the tomatoes, Joe had a cooking project of his own. He'd seen Alton Brown make cottage cheese recently, and decided this day at home was the perfect time to try it out. It was a really simple recipe, with very little hands on time. It turned out great! The cottage cheese was more firm than what I would buy at the store, and kind of reminded me of the texture of string cheese. It was moist and satisfying, even though the original recipe was a bit too salty. I think we'll make this again, just with about 1/2 the salt. The recipe is from

We also made a fantastic dinner, with Thomas Keller inspired salmon crisps for an appetizer, Thyme and Potato Focaccia, and Garlic and Mustard pork skewers. I am going to save dinner for a different post, so tune in again for those recipes...


Proud Italian Cook said...

Hi Erin, What a fun day you had! Your slow roasted tomatoes look so good. I recently did a whole batch and froze some, which I never did before. I read from another blogger that they turn out great like that, so I'm rxcited to see how they turn out.

Darius T. Williams said...

Can't wait for the recipes to come!