Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Guest Chef!

This is a different post that usual. My friend Chris is kind enough to read my blog, and mentioned recently that he had some ideas to share. Now, Chris is a slightly different kind of cook than I am. I love gourmet food, and usually cook with fresh, seasonal ingredients. I don't quite know how to classify Chris's cooking... southern? He is from Texas, but I don't want to insult other Southern cooks out there. Maybe "low fuss" is a better description of Chris's style of cooking. At least he's trying to move past his drive through phase... so I give him credit for that. So here you go, an extra special recipe courtesy of Chris.

I'd like to make a contribution to your cooking so here's my favorite recipe:

Step One
Go to grocery store and by Hebrew National 97% Fat Free Hot Dogs and White Wheat Hot Dog Buns

Step Two
Set Hot Diggity Dogger to Brownish Red

Step Three
Place two hot dogs and buns in Hot Diggity Dogger and push down lever

Step Four
Take out hot dogs and buns and dress to your desires

Step Five

And I told Chris that this wouldn't get on my blog unless there was a picture, so here is the proof that he really cooks with a "Hot Diggity Dogger".


Chris said...

Hell yeah!

Geggie said...

too funny. Just stopped by to say congrats on winning the sucre chocolates on blakemakes.

suze said...

i love how one of the settings is "brownish red." that delights me to no end.

chris -- hebrew national is my favorite hotdog, too! :)

Lauren said...

You make my day! :)

Matt said...

That picture was taken with my camera!