Sunday, March 16, 2008

A sweet treat!

I recently ran across a great food blog, Blake Makes. Blake and his wife Bridget live in New Orleans and use their blog as a place to share great food and ideas with the food blogging world. In addition to recipes and beautiful pictures, Blake also loves to give away food. He works with companies who want to get their name out to more people, and his giveaways offer great publicity to these companies.

One such giveaway involved Sucre, a lovely chocolate shope in New Orleans. I was lucky enough to win a box of chocolates from Sucre, and let me tell you, it was great! The presentation was beautiful, and they would make a great gift. If you check their website, it is full of descriptions and pictures, and you will most likely be drooling by the time you're finished looking. The best part-- you can order online.

The chocolates were delicious, and very high quality. I've had my share of good European chocolate (I'm in the Netherlands as we speak), and I have to say these are very similar to chocolates in Belgium. It's just another world from mass-produced American chocolates.

I had two favorites out of the assorted box. First, the meuniere, which is pictured above. I love all things french (or from New Orleans, I suppose?!), so the fleur-de-lis just called out to me. It had touches of brown butter, almond, and white chocolate, and was as delicious as it looked. I saved it for last, and savored every last little bite of it. Second, I loved the torrone. It's a kind of skinny stick of chocolate, and it's milk chocolate ganache with hazelnut creme and some kind of wafer. The wafer was slightly crunchy, which added great texture. I love chocolate and hazelnut together, so this was my type of chocolate.

The next thing I will order will be the French Macaroons. I loooooove macaroons, and they are not always easy to find in the states. The Sucre macaroons look amazing, especially with the chocolate covering. So, now you know what to send me as a gift ;)

Remember, they have a great website, so check it out!


Mark Boxshus "Cookie Doctor" said...

Hi Erin
It was nice of you to stop by. I too am a fan and a subscriber to Cook's Illustrated. I often times, like you did, use their recipes as my starting point for many creations. Keep up the great work. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.


Jessica said...

I've heard Sucre has awesome stuff. I saw them on Oprah one day... maybe on her Favorite Things show last year. My mouth is watering.