Sunday, March 9, 2008

My friends can cook, too!

Recently, while reading The Amateur Gourmet blog, I laughed at Adam's reluctance to let his friends cook for him. I do not have that problem at all-- tell me the time and I'll be there with a bottle of wine already opened. That being said, I recieved a welcome invitation on Friday afternoon from my friend Jess. I was pondering what to make for dinner with the scarce supplies in my kitchen, when a text message from Jess invited Joe and I to dinner. Not just dinner, either; dinner and wii playing. How could I say no?!

When Joe and I arrived, Jess and her husband Henry were quick to joke that they wondered if I'd be critiquing their food on my blog. Honestly, I hadn't thought of it, but when it smelled so tasty I decided I could give them a good review :) I was especially impressed by the vegetarian meal, since it was a Friday during Lent. Jess is a great cook, and I am still dreaming about the stuffed peppers she made for dinner. Thanks for being such great hosts, Jess and Henry!

Joe has to focus really hard when he plays the wii...

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Jessica said...

I can't believe you actually posted what I cooked. I'm officially honored!