Saturday, March 1, 2008

My new job!

No, I haven't given up on the corporate world quite yet. I have a new part time job, though, and yesterday was my first day. I am working at the Wooden Spoon, helping with cooking classes. I'm not actually teaching the classes (the professional chefs do that part!), but I am there to help with set up, coordinating tools and ingredients, and washing dishes. Lots of dishes. I knew that going into the job, though, so besides the super dry hands it wasn't too bad. I had a blast last night, and am looking forward to my next day. The chef was one I'd met before, so it was nice to see a familiar face. It's so fun to be in the kitchen environment, and I even got to give some tips and suggestions to people taking the classes. I take for granted that I grew up with such a great chef for a mom, and I realized last night that some people really have very little clue on how to do things in the kitchen. Seriously, things like measuring, cutting onions, peeling the cloves of garlic, etc. But I get to help them, and after these classes some of the people might be inspired to get into the kitchen more often. If you're in the Chicago area, you should check out the Wooden Spoon on your next visit!

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suze said...

you're so cute! congrats on your new job!