Sunday, March 30, 2008

Paris: Part II

I am going to try to squeeze it all in here, because I want to get back to blogging about the stuff I've been cooking lately! So here are highlights of the rest of our Paris trip. Enjoy!

On our second night we decided to go out for a nice dinner. Originally we were thinking about going somewhere in the Latin Quarter, but we ended up asking our concierge for recommendations around our hotel, the Marriott in the 13th. He recommended La Girondine, a great bistro on Boulevard Arago. It was a fantastic meal, and felt more authentic then our original plan. We each had 3 courses, plus an aperitif and two glasses of wine. The menu ws around 30 euros each, including the drinks, and it was well worth it. Some highlights...

Joe had escargot for his first course, with a delicious creamy, cheesey sauce. This was the second round of escargot on this trip, and we now both officially like snails! (I never thought I'd say that!)

I love creme brulee, so having a trio of it for dessert was a no-brainer. One was pistachio, one was amaretto, and the third was original.

As someone who loves to cook, it seemed only fitting that I learn something about french cooking while in Paris. I found out about A World in a Pan from an online forum, and decided it was the perfect course for me. Laura has lived around the world, but has been living in Paris with her french husband for the last 10 or 15 years. She's a wonderful cook, and invites students into her home to learn a little about french culture in addition to cooking. I would recommend Laura's classes to anyone who wants to learn something about French cooking while visiting Paris.

Our instructor

Can you believe the array of carrots they had at the market that morning?

The fish (sea bass if I remember correctly) was steamed on a bed of leeks. It was a perfect example of authentic market cooking, because Laura was not sure of the exact menu until she saw what was being offered at the morning's market.

The pear claufoti was a perfect example of a simple french dessert. It was easy to make, and tasted delicious.

Before the cooking class, Joe and I spent some time on Rue Moffatard, an ancient market street. I was disappointed we didn't have more time to explore this area, because there was just so much to explore. There were tons of shops that were open and spilling onto the street, and delicious smells drifted out from each shop.
These were some of the fresh seafood offerings. The sea urchins (front row in the middle) were especially interesting to see. I found out later that you cut them in half and eat their mousse like insides with a spoon. Maybe that will be a delicacy I try on my next trip.

Eating macaroons is one of my favorite things to do in Paris, and this apple macaroon was one of many that I consumed. It was a very unique flavor, but I still think chocolate ones are my top pick :)

We were back to my parents in the Netherlands on Saturday, just in time for a delicious Easter meal. It was a perfect end to an amazing trip.


Nicole said...

Your trip sounds sooooo fun! I love love love Paris. An amazing city. The cooking class would be so fun. Especially in her home and in such a city. Good for you. How long were you gone? Does it feel good to be home?

A World in a PAN said...

Thank you for mentioning A World in a PAN in your blog! I surely enjoyed meeting you too, Erin. Why don't you submit one of your very own recipes in my website? It will be published in the newsletter! Bon appetit! Laura

Tartelette said...

You make me miss home!! Hopefully I will be able to go back for Christmas. I wish i'd go back during the summer though...I am tired of freezing my behind!!