Saturday, February 9, 2008

A week without my camera...

I know I could blog without my camera, but it just wouldn't be as much fun. I accidentally left my camera a Stephen and Haley's last weekend, so I've been without it this whole week. There are some great pictures on it from the Superbowl and the cooking class I attended on Saturday, but I will have to wait until this week to post them. Wait until you see the stuffed dates I made, though--only 3 ingredients and they were amazing!

I will have great pictures to share with you in about a month and a half, though, when Joe and I get home from Europe! We are going for 10 days in March, to visit my family. I intend to eat and drink plenty while we're there, so there should be plenty of blog related pictures when we get home. We'll spend most of our time in the Netherlands, but will also be spending 2 days in Paris. I think I might try to take a cooking class during our Paris visit, which would be pretty much a dream come true. I mean, learning more about my favorite activity while hanging out in my all time favorite city... what could be better?!?!

Since I'm lacking a camera, I'm going to find some pics online to show you what I'm looking forward to on this trip.

This is the pub John Mullins. We'll be there on St. Pat's, for sure.
I spent New Years Eve there one year, and it was a blast!

There are waffle places all over this area, but Pinky ones are my favorite.
I swear you can smell them from a mile away!

I've been to the Netherlands enough times to lose count (6 or 7?), but I still have not eaten a traditional dutch pannekoeken (aka pancake). This is a must have on this trip. My family really likes them, so I have no clue why we have yet to try.

And don't even get me started on eating in Paris. That's a whole other post, for another day when I don't have any of my own pictures to share!

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