Monday, January 21, 2008

A Great Resource for Fresh Produce

Recently I read about the concept of CSAs, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically, it's when local stores provide methods of getting local, organic, and seasonal produce to people in the area. I read about it on the Nest "What's Cooking" message board, and had to check out the recommended website This website is awesome, and I really recommend you check it out! It lists a ton of information about local eating and food shopping. You can search by zip code, and find out about sustainable restaurants, markets, and shops.

The Local Harvest website is where I found the website for New Leaf Grocery, a small organic grocer in Roger's Park. My husband and I have done the fruit and veggie box for two weeks now, and are really having fun with it. It challenges my cooking, because I never know what will come in the weekly box. And it's a great deal, at $15 per week. So far, some of our challenges have included beets, kale, and eggplant. It's not the best right now, since it's freezing here in Chicago, but I can see how this will be a lot of fun. And we don't have to do it every week, so if we're really busy or going out of town, it's no big deal. The picture at the top of this post is our goods for this past week. What a great way for us to eat healthy, local, sustainable produce.

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